Prices above are shown in the most relevant currency for each location. Other combinations are possible.

A discount of 30% applies to disabled clients.

In addition to my consideration, all expenses related to our booking, including travel, accommodation, meals and entertainment will be your responsibility. I would be happy to make these arrangements myself or leave it to you, according to your preference.

I am aware that this is a significant outlay for most people. I am especially popular in the USA as many American women find my accent very attractive. Please remember that this consideration is for my time - not just time spent with my client, but time spent in transit, which is often considerable.

It would be my pleasure to find opportunities to reduce your costs. For example, if you are outside the UK and have no fixed date requirements, I can let you know when I have scheduled a trip near your region for other reasons, and we can plan ahead and arrange a bespoke package that takes into account my reduced travel time and costs. 

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